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New Patient Special

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New Patient Special

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Choosing the Right Chiropractor is Crucial!


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  • What does “Chiropractic” mean?

    A chiropractor, or person who is performing chiropractic care, can find and eliminate spine and nerve stress. This means that you – the chiropractic patient –  will feel less pain, numbness, or stiffness in any specific area. Eventually, the pain will be 100% gone. If you are seeking chiropractic care, you are seeking elimination of pain and prevention of future issues. Chiropractic is natural care. Chiropractors utilize chiropractic care to solve the problem at its source.

  • What can Walker Family Chiropractic do for me?

    Using our hands and other chiropractic tools, we can search for subluxations in your vertebral column and perform a variety of chiropractic adjustments to remove stress on the spinal nerves.

  • What conditions do you treat?

    Of course, you expect that we will treat back and neck pain, and perhaps pain in the shoulders or hips. We do much more. We handle ear infections and colds, PMS, insomnia, stress, vision issues, bed wetting. Honestly, the list is so long you may want to just call and see if we handle what you’re living with. We’re willing to wager that the answer will be “yes!”

  • I have a chiropractic appointment. What do I bring along?

    If you have X-Rays, you can bring those. If you have had previous chiropractic or medical care on the area you’re wanting help with, we would appreciate records. But mostly, we will need answers from you! When did your issue begin? How long have you been dealing with the issue? What have you noticed improves or worsens the issue? Bring your insurance information as well.

For a New Patient Special

New Patient Special

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Chiropractic care means different things to different patients. Whether you are looking to eliminate or prevent pain, lose or manage weight, eat better, exercise better, have better posture, or rehab an injury - we can help!

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve - also, pressure on the nerve - can be eliminated and prevented through better practices in exercise and posture. We can help you make sure this discomfort never returns to your body.

Disc Pain

Feeling spinal pain? This could be due to a disc condition such as slipped disc, herniated or bulging disc, ruptured disc, or degenerative disc disease. In any case, there are solutions waiting for you here.

Work Injuries

Work injuries are a no-laughing matter. When a person is injured at work, it can take weeks or months to rehabilitate the injuries. We can help to make this rehabilitation smooth and safe for you.


Sciatica can be caused by a variety of factors and is often represented by symptoms such as pain in the lower back, numbness in the legs, shooting pain in the upper legs and into the hips, and so forth. We can help with sciatic pains.


Headaches can come from a variety of sources from sinus pressure to strain in the neck and shoulders to stress, and even insomnia. In all of these cases, there are treatments we can provide which will end this pain and prevent its return.

Auto Accidents

If you have been injured in an automobile collision you are likely buried in dealings with attorneys and insurance agencies. Be sure to lend some of your focus to what matters most - your health. At Walker Family Chiropractic, we can help!

Neck Pain

Two - thirds of our population, at any given moment, is suffering from neck pain and its complications. Instead of waiting for this pain to pass, come to our office and get the pain ended and prevented, fast!

Back Pain

Back pain is not only uncomfortable but can be limiting to your ability to perform your normal work tasks or live your life as you would like. Reject the idea of surgery or injections and choose the safer, gentler option - care from us!

For a New Patient Special

New Patient Special

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